Sectors Driven By Impact Investing – SOCAP17

Sectors Driven By Impact Investing – SOCAP17

Impact Investing

As more capital flows into impact investing, how do we maintain the spirit and ethos that led to SOCAP’s creation ten years ago while preparing for the future of the field? For this 10th Anniversary year, founders, leaders, practitioners and provocateurs convene to look back and look forward, strengthening the foundation of investing for impact while also developing new mindsets and models to invigorate the future of impact investing.  Impact increasingly has a place across all asset classes and investor types, all represented within the big tent of SOCAP, which makes the conversation more dynamic and approachable than ever before.


From the beginning, SOCAP has been focused on the intersection of money and meaning. Each year we devote time to explore the foundational underpinnings of what motivates and connects us, the purpose of capital, the spirit behind the work, and the larger context of investing with intention. Reflecting on both timely and timeless themes, sessions will explore infusing activist principles, transforming relationships, creativity, and the self-care needed to take a stand, among other topics. The Meaning track at SOCAP17 will anchor the conversation of how to individually and collectively seek meaning in our efforts and connect to a larger purpose.

Climate Change

The need to address climate change continues to escalate from urgent to desperate.  Previous U.S. administrations have neglected to prioritize the issue and the current administration has publicly rejected action to address climate change. In the absence of government, what solutions exist for entrepreneurs, private capital and the diverse community of changemakers at SOCAP to make a difference on climate change, locally and globally? Beyond regulation, business and capital markets are exploring options for mitigation and adaption that recognize and value the real assets of a healthy planet.

Sustainable Livelihoods

The global workforce and the future of work is changing as industries are disrupted by automation, globalization, and new technologies, creating risks and opportunities for ensuring sustainable livelihoods. Human capital is an area ripe for impact investment in both urban and rural areas, regardless of sector, for the obvious economic impact as well as related health, education, and societal outcomes. Sessions in this track will discuss what makes a “good job”, the latest research around jobs that are beneficial for business and society, creating good companies from the start, and how investors and entrepreneurs can align their efforts to invest in employees for meaningful return.

Neighborhood Economics

Place-based investing and financial inclusion are not quaint ideas, they activate local capital and drive critical economic growth in communities around the globe. What are the next steps for investing in resilient and economically just communities? Conversations in this track will examine engaging a wide variety of stakeholders, activating community voice, exploring small-scale manufacturing, and creating prosperity for all to retain and solidify local wealth.

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