Family Time Spas, Semi-Absentee Owner

Family Time Spas, Semi-Absentee Owner

Family Time Spas, Semi-Absentee Owner

Price: $1,900,000

Location: N/A

Industry: Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

Listing ID: 54292

This business operates with semi-absentee ownership. The owner serves as the face of the business and as the leader to the well trained staff. Ordering inventory, interacting with customers, and acting as liaison to product manufacturers are the main roles of this owner. All of these duties could easily be transferred to a general manager. The exceedingly knowledgeable and self-sufficient staff successfully handle day to day operations. Manufacturers provide updated training as needed for the products offered.

This business offers a multitude of products with unlimited potential for home recreation and wellness from top manufacturers in a billion dollar a year industry. The business currently serves a 60 mile radius without any limitations to expand further.
In addition to the large variety of spas, Family Time Spas offers infrared saunas, swim spas, pool chemicals and accessories, pool covers, hot tub covers, plus spa chemicals and accessories. High-end massage chairs

Total Sales:

Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE): $600,000

FFE: $215,000

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Sarah Francis

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