Investor Network

Venture Advocates’ Private Investment Group consists of a network of investors that reviews acquisition data and determines whether to commit the capital required to finance current acquisition opportunities, either through equity (stock), debt (loans), or preferably both. Once acquired, Venture Advocates will manage the portfolio company on behalf of its passive investors.

We will often further leverage that investment capital by utilizing seller financing, conventional bank financing, or other sources of senior/mezzanine debt to complete transactions. The financing criteria for each acquisition is different. As an Investor, you will have the chance to see the deal structure for each acquisition. Then you can determine if you want to invest, how you want to invest, and finally, how much to invest.

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Our Top Five Target Areas of Focus For Direct Investing

Western Colorado Impact

Western Colorado is a growing community of Tech Startups, Tourism, Outdoor Recreation Manufacturing, Energy, and Impact Companies. Infusion of large amounts of capital from outside will allow companies to start here, move here, and grow here.

Leveraged Buyout

We prefer companies where a leveraged buyout is possible. In this case, Venture Advocates relies on a blend of VA capital, Investor debt or equity, seller financing, and/or traditional bank financing to complete transactions.

Profits With Purpose

Special attention is given to companies in industries that already serve a social, environmental, or economic mission. If a company’s core product or service solves a problem AND maximizes sustainable impact, we get very excited.

Companies That Scale

To make a significant, sustainable impact, companies must be able to scale far beyond just the founder/operator. We are not looking for ‘buy a job’ companies. We look for opportunities that scale in a way that bring measurable, lasting change.

Existing Companies

We love meeting passionate, mission minded entrepreneurs with solid plans to change the world. Although we will invest in startups, VA prefers to acquire existing companies with Earnings/Profits of $150,000-$1,500,000.

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