How to Buy a Business with Almost No Money Down

How to Buy a Business with Almost No Money Down

When: August 7, 2019 11:30 – 12:30

Where: The Factory – 750 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO

Join FACTORY for a Lunch & Learn with Eric Payne of Venture Advocates! Financing a business acquisition is almost always the hardest part of the due diligence and sale process. The importance of understanding the lending options available to you and how to best prepare should be done in months or even years before you are ready to buy, sell, or invest in a business.

In this seminar, Eric Payne of Venture Advocates will give a recent example of how his company used a leveraged buyout model to buy a $1.5 Million company with almost no money down.

He will then do a deep dive into the world of leveraged buyouts, partial buyouts, SBA financing, Seller Financing, Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, Angel Syndicates, and Venture Advocates’ secret sauce; the Private Investment Group model.

Whether you are a business owner, business buyer, minority shareholder, or soon to be heir, come ready to learn how to leverage your financing options to get a deal done.