Take Action: An Exit Planning Guide

Take Action: An Exit Planning Guide

If you’ve visited our site before, you know we often post about exit planning. We believe that the decision to sell your business is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, and therefore we want to provide you with plenty of resources for preparing to do just that.

This whitepaper, downloadable here, provides a list of steps to take and ACTIONS to take when deciding whether or not selling your business is the right move. These are questions you can ask yourself about selling your business. You don’t have to involve anyone else. So if you’ve been sitting behind your desk dreaming of more fly fishing or more skiing, take some time and read through the Value Builder Whitepaper. We’ve included the first portion here for you in an abbreviated version:

Step 1: Think about all the reasons you want to sell your business, or at least take a step back from it. There will most likely be some negative reasons and some positive ones. Negative reasons might include: stress, burnout, reaching retirement age; positive reasons could be traveling more, spending more time with friends, or starting a new venture.

Make a list. First, list all the negative reasons you’re considering selling your business and then list all the positives, or the things that you’re excited to do once you’ve got more time on your hands.

If you found step 1 helpful, download the white paper and read through the next 4 steps. If, at the end, you’re ready to talk, email us! We’d be happy to help.