Nightingale’s Care was acquired by Private Buyers

Nightingale’s Care was acquired by Private Buyers

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We’re pleased to announce the sale of Nightingale’s Care in Grand Junction, Colorado. 13-year-old leading home health care business, providing activities of daily living; cooking, cleaning, giving meds, driving, bathing, etc.Huge growth industry!!! As baby boomers are aging, this industry will only get larger.Home care is becoming more accepted than assisted living centers. Services range from 2 hours housekeeping to 24-hour Hospice care. Almost everything an assisted living facility can do, but in the comfort of the client’s own residence.

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Private Buyers

Grand Junction, Colorado
Venture Advocates facilitated the sale of Nightingale's Care in 2019 to private buyers in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Nightingale's Care

Home Care
Grand Junction, Colorado

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