Main Street Cafe was acquired by Private Buyers

Main Street Cafe was acquired by Private Buyers

Transaction Description

We’re pleased to announce the sale of Main Street Cafe to private buyers in Grand Junction, Colorado. Main Street Cafe has been an iconic downtown fixture for over 25 years. It’s got a great reputation, perfect location, great staff, easy menu, patio seating, and limited breakfast/lunch hours. Customers love the diner decor, with the old Woolworth’s counter, and antiques and memorabilia collected from all over the valley. Outside patio is great for summer traffic. Owner will assist with training and transition to ensure a smooth transfer. Real estate can be purchased or leased. Business Price: $250,000 and Real Estate Price: $500,000

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Private Buyers

Grand Junction, Colorado
Venture Advocates facilitated the recent sale of the popular downtown Grand Junction theme restaurant, Main Street Cafe.

Main Street Cafe

Restaurant in Downtown Grand Junction
Grand Junction, Colorado

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