Big O Tires #6248 was acquired by Private Buyers

Big O Tires #6248 was acquired by Private Buyers

Transaction Description

Big O Tires (#6248) located at 15320 E. Iliff Blvd in Aurora, CO is being offered for sale by the current Franchisee. Big O is a well-known national auto service center franchise and this location has been in operation at the current location for 20 years. The location is well located in a easy to access market center with good access and traffic flow.• Big O operates in a highly recession proof market segment. When auto maintenance is needed, it can’t be put off.• 80% of drivers recognize the Big O brand.• National Vendor Accounts fully vetted and in place• All equipment either new or regularly maintenance to high corporate standards• Professionally trained staff / very low turnover• High Profit Margin OperationsThe current owner will assist with training for an agreed upon length of time. There is significant pride in what’s been built and the seller sincerely wishes to see the new ownership continue to be successful and grow their customer base.

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Private Buyers

Venture Advocates is excited to announce the facilitiation of the sale of Big O Tires store #6248 in Aurora, Colorado.

Big O Tires #6248

Illif Blvd Location
Aurora, Colorado

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