Featured Business For Sale: Prime Commercial Real Estate

Glacier Ice Arena

Featured Business For Sale: Prime Commercial Real Estate

The current Glacier Ice Arena property, prime commercial real estate in Grand Junction, is for sale. While the owners would love to see this property remain an ice rink, especially since it is used by schools, individuals, and groups throughout the season, they realize this may not happen. The property’s location on Riverside Parkway makes it a great space for manufacturing or industrial opportunities.

The property is centrally located in the city with very good access to major roads and interstates in the immediate area. The property consists of 4.55 acres of land with one building on the parcel. Constructed in 2006, the building is a Class S Clear Span Steel Frame building with a Gross Building Area of 36,642/square feet. The building has excellent clear span and the steel framing is strong enough that central support columns are not necessary. Thus, the building provides excellent functional utility for an ice arena or other industrial use.

A certified real estate appraisal states a fair market value of $3,400,000.

The location of this prime commercial real estate also provides unique opportunities for business owners here.  The building and property are right next to Grand Junction’s Riverfront Trail, offering business owners and employees an excellent way to de-stress that is also convenient to work.

For more information on the property and to fill out our NDA please click here. https://ventureadvocates.com/listing/iconic-ice-rink-or-just-prime-real-estate/

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